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Top DevOps Tools By Angela Stringfellow Even though DevOps has been around for a few years, it still is a fuzzy area for some organizations. A mashup of development and operations teams, DevOps centers on collaboration and a culture that seamlessly integrates developers and IT operations teams working to put out the best new apps. Because DevOps encompasses two teams working from ideation through product release, DevOps tools fall into several categories including those for logging, monitoring, automation, security, and configuration management. Due to the intensive work DevOps engineers and their teams complete on a daily basis, they don't have time to search for tools to help them complete their work more efficiently and productively. That's why we have searched for the top DevOps tools and created this list of the most reliable, secure, relevant, and useful tools... (more)

Why .NET Core Made C# Your Next Programming Language to Learn

For years I have read about polyglot programmers and how some new language was the new cool thing. Over time, It has been programming languages like ruby, python, scala, go, node.js, swift and others. It is amazing to see what Microsoft, and the community, have done with .NET Core and how it has become the cool new thing. The problem ... Read More The post Why .NET Core Made C# Your Next Programming Language to Learn appeared first on Stackify. ... (more)

What Is Functional Testing? | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps #ContinuousTesting

What is Functional Testing? Types, Tips, Limitations & More By Angela Stringfellow A Definition of Functional Testing Functional testing is a type of software testing that evaluates the performance of individual functions of a software application. The purpose of functional testing is to ensure that the application and all of its individual functions work as they should in the real world and meet all requirements and specifications. It's a valuable testing method for verifying that the output provided by each application function is in line with what's expected. How Functional Te... (more)

Java Profilers: Three Types and Why You Need All of Them | @CloudExpo #Java #Cloud

Java Profilers: Three Types and Why You Need All of Them By Darin Howard Debugging performance issues in production can be a pain and in some cases impossible without the right tools. Java profilers have been around forever, but the profilers most developers think about are only one type. Lets dive into the three different kinds of Java profilers: Standard JVM Profilers that track every detail of the JVM (CPU, thread, memory, garbage collection, etc). Lightweight profilers that highlight your application with a bit of abstraction. Application Performance Management (APM) tools use... (more)

Bringing a Dev Team Together with Glue and Sparkles – Ok, Not Really

Let me start by saying that I am super perky. Not simply a “morning person.” Not just that one person that sings Happy Birthday the loudest over the cake and gets the card and gift bag with the most glitter on it – although both those types do apply to me. No, I mean, I am the kind of chipper that has been described as “constant,” “unshakeable” and on one particular occasion for a different blogpost, “insufferable.” With my first team that I joined as Scrum Master, I came in knowing nothing about their product and mostly nothing about their client. But I was optimistic, of cours... (more)